Verse 1
When life was simple, we would sit and talk a while.
Be a little more together.
When life was simple, I knew just where I stood.
We’d find the middle. We’d find each other.

I loved those days when we had time to unwind.
Breathe a little. Be a little more kind.
We’d seal a deal with a handshake, with a smile.
We were humble. Our cups were half full.

Oh, I’m moving to a simple life.
I don’t mind waiting for what I want to find.
Peace like a river. Hope like a spring.
Gonna make life how it used to be.
Do a little throw back. Start again.
And remember when life was simple.

Verse 2
We had enough. We were happy and blessed,
Like a family, treated all with respect.
I loved those days when the first thing we would see
Is all the good stuff surrounding you and me.